Sunset Hills

   We are a relatively young city, having been incorporated in June of 1957.In 1975, a 23 acre tract of land was purchased in the center of the City on W. Watson Rd. just west of Lindbergh. With construction that took place from 1976 to 1979, Watson Trail Park was created and dedicated on May 20, 1979. The Park was named for an old wagon trail that cut through this part of Sunset Hills.   

   The City expanded by annexations in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. The census of 1990 showed that the City had 4,915 residents before the annexations. This figure grew to 7,885 according to this 1990 data after the annexations.

   On 11-9-95, an area south of I-44 along our eastern boundary with Crestwood in the Meacham Park tract and an area bounded by Eddie & Park, Sappington, Lindbergh and the City's eastern boundary north to Eddie & Park, were incorporated into the City through a mutual acceptance vote of the contiguous City and these annexation areas. Again, the City grew by 259 more residents with this 1995 annexation. This area involved 789 acres of land.

   Sunset Hills also hosts a unique outdoor sculpture garden, Laumeier Sculpture Park. It has rotating indoor exhibitions and numerous large sculptures on the park grounds


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